ABS vs Metal vs Wooden Locker – Which is right for you?

Deciding the right locker for you

Locker MaterialDurabilityDesignMovabilityLock CompatibilityPrice


Wooden✓✓✓✓$$ – $$$

Legend:  ✓ = Average | ✓✓ = Very Good | ✓✓✓ = Excellent

In an assortment of locker designs and materials, trying to differentiate between them can be an overwhelming task. The experienced team at Locker & Lock has compiled and summarised the key differences into 5 main categories to help make your selection process easier.


Metal – Very Good

Metal lockers are usually moulded out of iron, with an electrostatic coating to give it additional protection against the elements. It is a generally hardy material that can withstand regular use.  However, placing it in an environment with high-humidity over extended period may compromise the durability, leading to corrosion and reduced tensile strength.

Wooden – Average

Depending on the type/thickness of wood selected, wooden lockers can have similar or even higher impact resistance than metal lockers. As with most wooden products, it will be susceptible to fire. Furthermore, it will be prone to moulding or termites if placed in a high-humidity environment. Certain furnish or infusion can be considered to improve a wooden locker overall durability, but in general it would still be less durable compared to metal or ABS.

ABS – Excellent

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a plastic compound known for its remarkable durability and impact resistance. In addition, its waterproof capabilities makes them low-maintenance and easy to clean. It makes for an ideal material for lockers, even for high-humidity environments.


Metal – Average

Metal lockers tend to have a smooth surface and standard rectangular form. Due to its long history of being the default material for lockers, they tend to have a more conventional or industrial look. Furthermore, due to its creation process typically involving a mold, it tends to have less room for design modifications apart from colour choice.

Wooden – Very Good

With a wooden locker, it can provide a more luxurious or elegant look that is hard to replicate. It can have more variations in finish compared to metal and ABS; from smooth to textured, modern to vintage. The choice of wood and finish/coating can greatly influence the price of the overall fixture due to the level of detail and workmanship involved. From a purely aesthetic viewpoint wooden lockers can be designed to be attractive. However in the overall area of product form factor and user experience, it is still overshadowed by the ABS.

ABS – Excellent

Our ABS lockers are design to be minimalistic, the typical air slot of lockers is moved to the back of the cabinet to make the body and front of the cabinet appear seamless. Since ABS cabinets are cast in one piece for each part of the door, color and sharpness and smoothness can be ensured. Locker & Lock also includes wooden design option to replicate the color of wood. In addition, the assembly design of each locker makes it easy to modify or reposition the cabinet. The curved design removes potential sharp edges to create maximum safety for the user.

Movability (how easy to move or reposition)

Metal – Very Good

Metal lockers tend to be constructed as one large frame. Any intentions to reposition the lockers would involve moving the entire frame as opposed to individual lockers. Hence movement and portability of these lockers tend to be low.

Wooden – Average

Wooden lockers are usually designed and fitted specifically for certain spaces. Similar to metal lockers, they are installed as one large frame, hence it will be cumbersome to reposition or move once installed. Furthermore, due to its material compound, the overall weight of the lockers is the heaviest compared to Metal and ABS.

ABS – Excellent

ABS locker are designed by individual compartments, allowing for simple installation. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to move and reposition its location to cater to any change in needs. They can be reassembled easily to provide a change in appearance to the venue.

Lock Compatibility

Metal – Very Good

The lock mounting position is design to suit basic types of mechanical, digital, RFID electronic locks or door handles

Wooden – Very Good

Wood locker cabinets are designed to use most types of locks such as conventional mechanical locks, digital locks, Be-Tech locks.

ABS – Excellent

ABS cabinets can integrate many types of locks such as traditional mechanical locks, digital locks, RFID locks, electronic locks and door handles.


Metal – $

Metal lockers have been the traditional material for a long time. This has help developments and improvements in the production process, as well as a highly competitive price in the market.

Wooden – $$ to $$$

Depending on the type of wood, finish and coating involved, wooden cabinets can vary in price greatly. Taking into consideration the workmanship involved to handle wood, they tend to be in a higher price point.

ABS – $$

In order to create an eye-catching design and guaranteed quality for the ABS plastic, a strict production and quality control process is required. This results in a slightly higher investment for ABS lockers. However, this is usually offset by the little maintenance required to upkeep the lockers. In addition to its superb durability, it will be an investment that continues to provide returns into the long run.


This article has highlighted some of the key differentiating features of each material. We strive to provide a clearer and deeper understanding into the most suitable material for your storage needs. At Locker & Lock, we are devoted to putting our customers first. We strive to provide you with more than just products, but also exceptional service and values. Click to view specifically on ABS Lockers, Wooden Lockers & Metal Lockers. To find out more on how we can help with your storage needs, feel free to contact us.

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