In an office environment, information and data security are placed at the highest of importance. This includes the valuable hardware of the company as well as the employees' belongings. Conventional metal lockers with basic locks are gradually falling short as they are easily affected by humidity, poor load bearing capacity, or are easily damaged. With Locker & Lock's ABS Lockers for office, the highly durable material of ABS plastic can ensure greater security of its contents. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet the wide range of demands of companies across multiple industries.

Khu vực School Office

Lockers for school offices are an important installation for any school. The volume of documents that schools have to store are aplenty; ranging from students assignments and transcripts, to highly confidential information such as financial information and internal records. Office lockers are also crucial in keeping documents in an organized manner for convenient retrieval. This can increase the productivity and professionalism as well as overall outlook of the school's administration.

Secure your lockers with these locks

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