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ABS locker is an extremely necessary product, used to preserve personal belongings or files, documents in agencies, companies, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, hotels – resorts , … help employees become more aware of the safe storage of personal belongings, create a habit of arranging papers in a scientific way, providing a professional and ideal working environment, contributing parts improve the quality and efficiency of work.
To bring the best storage solution to customers, Locker & Lock has researched and launched ABS locker cabinets, made from ABS plastic (Acrylonitrite, Butadiene, Styrene), through strict production process. rigorous – according to Singapore standards, giving birth to a high-class plastic cabinet product.
With outstanding advantages:
Tough, good impact resistance, effective abrasion resistance, so the cabinet is durable.
Recyclable, safe and environmentally friendly.
No rust thanks to water resistant material, not affected by cleaning chemicals.
Mold-free, mold-free, breathable and breathable design.
Do not catch fire, do not lead fire in any form.
Non-angled design, safe for the user.
Diverse cabinet sizes together with smart assembly design, so easy layout and installation, making the most of every area, suitable for every space.
Diverse colors, ensuring aesthetics, making the workspace become luxurious, more modern, …
ABS locker cabinets – international products with more than 25 years of quality inspection and perfection in over 10 countries around the world, confidently bring customers quality products, provide intelligent and modern storage solutions. , suitable for many different uses.

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