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To optimize the security of a cabinet, it is impossible not to mention the lock. Lock is an indispensable component when using locker cabinets, because it keeps the cabinet always in a safe state for assets stored inside, is the part that users will interact directly when using the cabinet. We offer popular key streams divided into 4 groups as follows:

Be-Tech Course: C2800T Series, C2800M8 Series, C1000D Series, 3100DL Series, C1515D Series
Mechanical Lock: Key Lock, HASP Lock, Rotation Lock 1525
RFID key: RF-15N, RF-15C
Digital Lock: 3S Keyless Lock, DL-12 keyless Lock
Depending on the needs as well as the desired level of security, users can choose the right type of locker for their locker. From Betech high-end locks with extremely high security, to the most convenient and affordable digital key chains.

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