Smart Lockers – An indispensable fixture for theme parks today


Tủ locker thông minh đặt tại công viên nước Kuching

Theme parks are great destinations that provide a much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of life. The exhilaration from the different attractions caters to both the young and young at heart However, one consideration that lingers on minds of the patrons are the safekeeping of their belongings. The storage process or lack of storage can ultimately influence or ruin the overall experience.

Increasing guest satisfaction through reliability & assurance

Smart lockers may appear to simply provide convenience to patrons, but it is a vital aspect of customer service that enhances guest satisfaction levels. The lockers are built with high quality cold steel and integrated with an alarm system to ensure security of its contents. Patrons no longer have to worry about carrying bulky bags or losing their belongings. 

Smart locker technology, doing more with less

At Locker & Lock, our principles of design technique and friendliness takes into account the needs of end-users and operators as well as the management. The function of our smart locker includes:

  • Multi-language & user-friendly interface design
  • Diverse payment options; cash/card/online payments
  • Keyless access to reduce unnecessary need to replace locks
  • Can be further integrated into access cards/wearable devices for a greater seamless experience
  • Independent power supply that can maintain operation during a power outage
  • CCTV and alarm system can be installed for increased security
  • Remote operation via software, website or mobile application
  • Free up staffs to focus on core operation of serving patrons
Ảnh chụp màn hình tủ locker thông minh tại công viên Kuching
Photo of smart locker cabinet’s screen at Kuching park

With its multiple features, smart locker are an invaluable asset for any theme park. Locker & Lock has delivered our solutions to various theme park across Asia to create greater value. Through our smart lockers, patrons can focus on what they came to do, enjoy themselves!

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