Surely all of you have already watched a foreign movie about school? Have you noticed the lockers appearing in a lot of scenes?

School lockers seem to be quite popular in countries around the world and this concept is quite new in Vietnam. However, the idea of ABS lockers for schools is very popular in international schools in Vietnam because of the significant benefits it brings.

The capability to store notebooks and personal belongings for not only students from kindergarten but also to university, reducing the amount of stuffs students have to take to school every day, also helping them avoid back diseases. ABS lockers for schools with unique and modern design can at the same time help optimize classroom space, giving the school ‘s hallway and the playground a good ventilation along with comfort. In addition, the use of lockers for schools helps students practice the sense of keeping their and from the other properties at an early age. Now, parents are reassured that all the property of their child will be guaranteed every day.

Students can easily put backpacks, books, food containers in the lockers every morning when going to school and then join the class. At the end of the day they will put unnecessary books in the lockers, reducing the amount of books to bring go home and avoid losing or losing your belongings when storing them in your study table.

The outstanding advantages of ABS lockers

  • Very durable, very stiff, withstand the strong impact of the external force, increase the protection for the inside stuffs of each individual student
  • Fire-resistant, environmentally friendly ABS material is able to recycle
  • Easy to clean, not affected by detergent, humidity or rust.
  • Non-sharp design ensures the safety of the students, especially in the hyperactive age, children can avoid accident while playing
  • Variety choices of lock, suitable for many grades
  • Diverse locker sizes, fitting to the height of students according to the grades from kindergarten to university
  • Lightweight, easy to move and change position
  • Bright colors, customizable colors, suitable for school view

ABS locker (Height x Width x Depth) and locks suitable for each school grade:

  • Kindergarten: N-Series N4 (465 x 320 x 500 mm) – can hold booklet, backpack, food
  • Door handles should be simple, without key. That will be suitable for children and teachers when children of this age can not manipulate the locker and lock themselves.


  • Tiểu học: W400 (465 x 382 x 500) – chứa được nhiều tập sách và balo lớn
  • Sẽ có hai lựa chọn nhà trường có thể cân nhắc, một là tay nắm cửa cơ bản để thuận tiện cho các bé hoặc là sử dụng khóa số 3S cũng như DL-12 (tủ gỗ) dưới sự hướng dẫn từ các cô, các bé có thể tự thao tác với khóa dễ dàng đồng thời tăng tính bảo mật hơn.

Primary school: W-Series W400 (465 x 382 x 500 mm) – capable to hold many large books and backpacks

There will be two options that can be considered.

    1. The basic door handle for student’s convenience ( same as for Kindergarten )
    2. Using 3S Keyless Lock or DL-12 locks (wooden locker) under the guidance of the teachers, students can manipulate easily with lock and increase security.


  • High School – University: W-Series W600 (620 x 380 x 500 mm) – Can adjust shelves for optimizing inside spaces. Could store many books, backpacks, sport clothes,..

For this grade, security is essential as well as students are aware and able to manipulate the locker by themselves. Therefore, 3S Keyless Lock and DL-12 locks (wooden cabinets) could be the best choice

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