In the trend of advanced technologies that are increasingly widely adopted throughout the aspects of life, we always devote a particular interest to modern products, convenience, reasonable prices and solving the problems that the product The predecessor is facing. Capturing this demand, Locker & Lock has continuously endeavoring to deliver the most advanced Locker products possible to perfectly meet each demand, project model.

Công viên nước Aquatopia - Hòn Thơm
Aquatopia Water Park – Hòn Thơm, Phú Quốc

Entertainment Zone Model – Themepark is one of the project models that Locker & Lock always feels proud of with the solutions which we provided for lockers and electronic locks. Our locker and lock solutions have been built to meet the needs of consumers at big major amusement parks around the world.

Not only do we focus on providing customers with a convenient experience, but also allowing them to enjoy the comfort, enjoy their time in the amusement park. At the same time, it also increase profits for locker service providers in amusement parks. The complete removal of mechanical key and replace with the application of advanced technology, software to synchronize the information into the entrance card (or wristband ) of the customer securely, easily, reliably. Locker & Lock will solve the inconvenient management operation that mechanical keys are being encountered. Thereby limiting the business risks and optimizing profits for service providers.

Through this article, Locker & Lock will introduce the locker solution for amusement park:

1. ABS Locker – The most optimal choice for Locker solutions at amusement parks

ABS Locker always affirms their value when placed in humid environments thanks to the superior moisture resistance, rust protection. In addition, the modular assembly design of ABS Locker is also advantage to overcome the limitations of the other lockers material. Users can simply change the placing position of lockers without spending too much effort and cost.

2. Model of operating the locker system

Almost all amusement park models now have entrance management software. Customers can pre-pay an amount to use the park’s services and games. Locker & Lock’s Locker system will also be integrated, synchronized and operated in parallel with this entrance management system. Cards or wristbands when given to customers, will be able to open assigned lockers or free lockers with just a simple touch.

Mô hình vận hành tủ locker

Staff at the Entrance Counter will choose to rental option depending on the requirements of customers such as a limited time or unlimited. After that, the staff at the Entrance counter can assign a specific locker placed in an area or the system will randomly select an available locker in the system for saving time. All information about the time of rental, the location of the lockers will be updated to the system for management and monitoring.

Hình ảnh minh họa thể hiện trạng thái các tủ Locker tại một khu vực – Màn hình quầy thanh toán
Hình ảnh minh họa thể hiện trạng thái các tủ Locker tại một khu vực – Màn hình quầy thanh toán
Hình ảnh minh họa thể hiện lưu lượng sử dụng tủ theo ngày – Màn hình trên hệ thống
Example – Locker Usage Data Management Tracing

When customers need to change the rental period, the updated changes will always be updated and saved on the system for more convenient management, avoiding unexpected incidents due to inattention.

In case the customer loses their card or wristband, staff could rely on customer information verifying operations and then re-issue the card or wristband. Information about locker provided to customers will remain the same and save settings on a new card or wristband, disable a lost ones.

The customer returns the card or wristband to leave the park, then a transaction is completed. The system will release the locker, update the information, and bring this locker to ready for receiving the next transaction. . All can be easily operated at the counter.

3. Integration with Third-parties through API Sevices

Mô hình vận hành hệ thống quản lý giao dịch của Locker and Lock khi được tích hợp vào hệ thống của đối tác
Example – Operation and Management Transactions

API stands for Application Program Interface, which represents a set of functions and processes that allow to create another application, data accessment and functions on other applications and tasks.

The Third-Party API is a set of tools that developers can use to integrate into their software. These toolkits can specify the components within the software to perform tasks, interact with the publisher of these Third-Party APIs.

The Third-Party API are always played an important role in bringing Locker and Lock products closer to the partners. Locker & Lock will release the APIs needed to operate and to manage our products so that our partners software developers and the system can easily access information of products and transactions, which have been and are being implemented on the system.

With experience in implementing a lot of projects, with many different operating management models, Locker & Lock will always provide the best APIs for Locker & Lock partners. Thereby, increasing the efficiency of the software and making the most of the features that Locker & Lock Lockers brings.

4. Project Picture

Locker & Lock would like to conclude the post with a few real pictures of this locker solution at the Hon Thom Water Park Project in Phu Quoc, which Locker and Lock are honored to be selected as a supplier. Hopefully, through this article, customers will have a more specific view of the solution that they are looking for as well as the advantages that Locker and Lock’s solution brings.

Tủ locker ABS đặt tại khu vực phòng thay đồ
Tủ locker ABS đặt tại khu vực phòng thay đồ
Hình chụp cận cảnh tủ locker ABS tại khu vực phòng thay đồ
Hình chụp cận cảnh tủ locker ABS tại khu vực phòng thay đồ

The year 2020 also marked the new milestone in the relation of Locker & Lock with the Association of Amusement Parks and international sights (IAAPA) by the renewal of strategic partnership. Locker & Lock greatly respects the trust of the association that has given us, Locker & Lock will have the opportunity to continue to bring the best solutions for amusement park projects around the world.

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