Theme Parks are a great source of enjoyment for all ages. They represent a time of fun and relaxation for both families and friends. Locker & Lock Smart Locker series for theme parks bring a sense of modernity, convenience as well as security for users. We are proud to have collaborated with various clients across Asia and are eager to provide our expertise and services to help you to become a modern theme park in Vietnam.

The latest technology to enhance user experience

  • With 1 wearable device, you can access all of the theme park’s facilities, including Smart Locker services
  • Remove the need to memorise exact location of lockers by using locker location technology
  • Integration with automated payment services when users rent lockers
  • Review user logs and history on all locker activities for operation optimisation and troubleshooting
  • Expert consultation on implementation and support across a variety of industries

Operation Overview

User Process

Features of Smart Lockers

Online Database Management System

1. Real-time database management

  • Monitor locker usage in real-time
  • Access to online information database

2. Online audit trails and logs

  • Check user activity history
  • Check locker installation and service logs

3. Remote maintenance & flexible installation

  • Edit settings on lockers; user info, duration of usage, ID codes
  • Freedom to increase total number of lockers, simple to pair with subsequent kiosk interfaces.
  • Smart Locker software system can be integrated into the general management system of the business
  • Supports locker information and location checking for users

Wireless Access & Controls

1. Wireless locker connection

  • Users can unlock lockers from a kiosk up to a distance of 46 meters
  • Operators can control the lockers remotely
  • Function of lockers can be customised to the purpose of use

2. Granting & restricting locker access

Grant/restrict access for wearable devices

Grant/restrict access to lockers

3. Operating modes

1 device to 1 locker

Multiple devices to 1 locker

4. Variety of authentication methods





User & Operator Interface

1. Compatible with both hardware & software

Ticketing system

POS & Financial Management Systems

2. User Screen Interface

3. Operator Dashboards

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