Smart Locker application for Libraries – Smart Library will be an optimal solution that provides a wide range of benefits to both users and operational managers. Smart Lockers will bring about an atmosphere of modernness to the library, delivering a sense of convenience, safety and trust in the way users experience the service. At that same time, they are a tool to help managers improve the efficiency of operations in their libraries.

Solutions for Smart Libraries

  • Borrow books online and collect them according to your own schedule
  • Books can be organised and regulated better
  • Manage peak customer flows, avoid congestions during peak hours
  • Ability to integrate with the libraries’ current management systems
  • Effective real-time data management
  • Can be integrated into mobile applications for greater mobility and convenience

Operation Overview

Features of Smart Lockers

Online Data Management System

1. Real-time database management

  • Monitor locker usage in real-time
  • Access to online information database

2. Online audit trails and logs

  • Check user activity history
  • Check locker installation and service logs

3. Remote maintenance & flexible installation

  • Edit settings on lockers; user info, duration of usage, ID codes
  • Freedom to increase total number of lockers, simple to pair with subsequent kiosk interfaces.
  • Smart Locker software system can be integrated into the general management system of the business
  • Supports locker information and location checking for users

Wireless Access & Controls

1. Wireless locker connection

  • Users can unlock lockers from a kiosk up to a distance of 46 meters
  • Operators can control the lockers remotely
  • Function of lockers can be customised to the purpose of use
  • No limit to number of lockers connected within system
  • Users can access lockers without operator intervention
  • Variety of sleek and modern design to enhance the space
  • Safe and confidential; fully complied with GDPR standards

2. Granting & restricting locker access

Grant/restrict access for wearable devices

Grant/restrict access to designated lockers

3. Operating modes

1 device to 1 locker

Multiple devices to designated lockers

4. Multiple authentication methods





User & Operator Interface

1. Compatible with both hardware & software

Ticketing Systems

POS & Finance Management Systems

2. User Screen Interface

3. Operator Dashboards

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