Our Products

Our customers are at the heart of our business. We offer a wide range of storage solutions and accessories to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

ABS Lockers

High quality ABS lockers, a cumulation of over 25 years of experience in storage solutions and stringent quality control…
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Intelligent Lockers

Integrating the latest in technology and softwares into our locker systems to create Smart & Safe storage solutions to optimize any modern business…
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These durable lockers bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘heavy duty’. This quality plastic lockers range has endless applications as it is suited to any environment.
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School Lockers

Applying our innovations in form factor and design to cater to the global standards of International Schools. They include a safer, smooth edged design and a variety of colors to adorn the school environment…
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Laminate & Metal Locker series has the same design as the ABS cabinets to meet the needs and price range for customers in Vietnam.
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From the most advanced digital lock systems, contactless and RFID access methods, to the traditional key and lock mechanism. At Locker & Lock, we provide a diverse range of locks to cater to all storage situations…
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With the vision of a pioneer in the field of interior and exterior storage, Locker & Lock provides the most optimal solutions for projects across multiple industries. From schools, offices, hospitals to shopping centers and factories, Locker & Lock has consistently strived towards providing modern storage solutions for an increasingly dynamic and diverse environment.



Hotels & Resorts

Gyms & Fitness Centers


Offices & Co-working spaces

Theme parks

Luggage storage

Supermarkets & Shopping Malls

About Us

Your Trusted Partner for Modern Storage Solutions

Established since 1990, Locker & Lock is proud to be a leader in storage and locks solutions. We have constantly developed our solutions personalized to our customers’ needs. Combined with our modern design innovations and professional customer service, Locker & Lock is a great partner for all your storage needs.


Our Clients

Our valued clients who have been working with Locker & Lock in our 30-year journey, collaborating and accomplishing over a thousand projects.

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