We offer a wide range of interior and exterior products with different materials from lockers, locks to benches to suit every space to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Tủ Locker ABS

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School Locker

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Tủ Locker Thông Minh

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Tủ Locker điện tử MCU

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Băng ghế

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Tủ Locker Gỗ

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Tủ Locker Sắt

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With the vision of a pioneer in the field of interior and exterior, we provide the most optimal solutions for projects from schools, offices, hospitals to shopping centers, factories, … bringing and revisit the most modern facilities and at the same time contribute to building an increasingly civilized and developing world.



Hotel & Resort

GYM Center




Luggage Area

Supermarket, Mall Center


Our memorable activities and memories are always recorded as a new step in the process of building and fulfilling the mission of bringing the community high quality products, meeting the needs of security and Storage contributes to the convenience and absolute safety for life.

Our customers

These are our belove customers who have been working with Locker & Lock for 30 years with thousands of projects.

Khách hàng của Locker & Lock
Khách hàng của Locker & Lock